Note: Alternative moves table at the bottom of this page.

The Plans in The Lean Exec Book are refined based on the routines I did to lose 10kg of fat and change my body composition over eight weeks to a leaner more muscular first phase of The Lean Exec, plus routines I did beyond that.

I’ve aimed to make them as simple and concise as possible, based on what I know can work with the right effort and commitment.  However, depending on your body state, eating habits, fitness, strength, sleep quality and schedule, as well as equipment available you may find you need to modify some of the moves to suit.

Note: If for any reason you are struggling with the plans due to fitness – unless you have a medical condition that restricts you from performing an exercise in the plan/s it’s suggested that you modify exercise elements in this order of priority (in line with your fitness):

  1. Lower the weight to a manageable level until you can comfortably perform the reps with good form.
  2. Ensure your nutrition and rest is suitable for your intensity / efforts.
  3. Do 1 less set than prescribed (in the case of squats and deadlifts minimize to no more than 2 sets of each) until you are stronger and recovering well.
  4. Reduce the reps by 1-2.

Everyone is different, so it’s impossible to prescribe an exact routine to suit all types and fitness levels.  If you’re unsure or would prefer to try alternative routines please see the alternative training plans here: TLE Training Plans If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch here: Contact The Lean Exec

Below is a table which provides examples of alternative moves you can interchange with the ones from the routines in the book.