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A strong, athletic physique in just 3 hours a week!?

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About the Book

A strong athletic physique, in just 3 hours a week!?  It’s part of the job for fitness professionals and actors to be in shape. However, what do you do if you spend your day at a desk, in long meetings, travelling and/or commuting daily? Then throw in a busy family and personal life. How do you find time to eat right and recover from a workout, let alone fit one in?

The Lean Exec
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Is The Book For You?

What you should know about The Lean Exec Book.


Why should you read this book?

Based on real experience, the book can help inspire you to reclaim physical health, fitness and mental wellness, no matter how busy you are.


What does the author know?

The author (40+) is a qualified PT and over 15 years gained, lost, then reclaimed his fitness and mental wellness alongside a busy career and family life.


Is this book prescriptive?

No, it's designed to be easy to follow, straight talking and give you the basic tools and knowledge to help you on your own personal fitness journey.


Is it a bodybuilding book?

The training approach is based on bodybuilding methods, but only so far as to illustrate how strength training can be used to benefit anyone.


Does it include fitness hacks?

Yes, while it provides some comprehensive fitness plans, it's designed to give you ideas so you can use them in a way that suits your goals.


Is the 3 hour thing real?

Yes, absolutely! The book will give you information and ideas as well as plans you can adapt as you wish to achieve results, but you do have to be consistent.


Who is the book for?

The book has helpful insight for anyone looking to leverage the benefits of strength training. However, men between 28 - 45 may find it most relevant.


Is it a diet book?

No, but it provides illustrative ideas and hacks for nutrition that you can try that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

What Readers Say About the Book

Reading this book I found that it had a great balance between insightful ideas and real-world practical steps - Tony B

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Excellent insights and tips into trying to stay on top of mental and physical health while balancing a demanding job.

Practical tips and very well written
Amazon Review 5*

Great insights, helpful advice and a great leveller to understand that regardless what you have on you can get in shape without having to have massive chunks of time in the diary.

Experience distilled down in an easy read
Amazon Review 5*

This book has given him the kick and impetus he needed to get back to it..

Bought this for my 40 year old husband
Amazon Review 5*

The methodology and additional charts/tools are proving very helpful to get and stay fit.

The Lean Exec is practical, to the point
Amazon Review 5*

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