October 23, 2021
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Let’s Get Physical: 7 Suggestions To Get More Exercise - Supercharge

Let’s Get Physical: 7 Suggestions To Get More Exercise - Supercharge

Let’s Get Physical: 7 Suggestions To Get More Exercise

  • If you live near a green space such as a park make use of it. A brisk walk or run in the park can be extremely refreshing and the fresh air and break can be rejuvenating.  Some parks also have outdoor gym equipment which is a low-cost way to start resistance training.
  • Find running and walks in the park boring? Try a new sport with a friend or re-start a sport you played when you were younger.  Wherever you live there is most likely a place where you can play or start football, basketball, tennis, rugby, squash, marital arts, boxing, swimming, dance, aerobics and more.  Try an online search for sports clubs in your area to get more exercise.
  • Be adventurous, if you're lucky enough to live near a beach why not try a water sport like surfing, kite surfing or wind surfing. Or if you live near the mountains there is snowboarding and skiing.  Check to see if there is an indoor rock-climbing  facility near your home.  It's never too late to start!  Check out some
  • Did you skateboard or rollerblade when you were younger? You're never too old to get back into it and the reminder of your youth might just make you feel great!
  • Try cycling to work. Forget the stressful commute and use the time to get more exercise!
  • Try some alternative activities that are known to have additional benefits for relaxation and combating stress;
  • Yoga is said to stimulate your brain and nervous system. Taking part in Yoga regularly has been found to increase blood flow to the brain centre and this may help to relieve tension and stress and promote more regular and better sleep patterns. Get started with Yoga.
  • Tai Chi, an activity developed by ancient monks famous for their long lives, relaxation, and meditation techniques combines slow precise movements with breathing.  Tai Chi  can be a good alternative for people who cannot participate in activities that involve increased impact.  Studies have revealed that the relaxation brought on by participating in Tai Chi can help insomnia and improve sleep quality.

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