October 23, 2021
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Hotel Fit - The Lean Exec Way

Hotel Fit - The Lean Exec Way

Hotel Fitness - The Lean Exec Way

Exercising when staying in a hotel is an interesting one.  When they have a gym, it can be a lottery in terms of what kind of set-up, space and how useful the equipment is.  They tend to be one way or the other.  Either small with poorly selected equipment for the space or decent with a wide range of equipment and even free weights.Usually they’re cardio machine skewed and most of the time relatively empty.  The last point being a definite plus for anyone who does want to train in a hotel gym.  Even if they are small it’s often possible to get a work-out in, in peace, particularly if you start early in the morning.In the case where the hotel has a gym of any kind, a mix of The Lean Exec groundwork training and adapting some of the free exercise plans with the alternative exercises that are included as free resources with the book, will ensure you can train effectively in whatever the gym situation.The bigger challenge is when there isn’t a gym and the hotel is in a location that isn’t convenient to go outside to exercise.  Like on a roundabout off the motorway in the UK or perhaps one surrounded by large roads where you can’t go anywhere without a car (places in the US spring to mind!). Alternatively, in a city where exercising in the heavy pollution may do more harm than good.In this case, your exercise session may be confined to your hotel room where you need to adapt.  Whether you can squeeze in 15 minutes or 45 mins, here are some ideas:

  • Readers of the book The Lean Exec will know that we are big fans of bodyweight exercises. Whether it’s squats, lunges, press-ups, etc.  no matter where you are you can cover most of your body in a few key moves.  Back (or pull) training can be a little harder without equipment, but you just need to get creative.
  • While you could probably find a few creative ways to use a room to do some back and pull exercise (get under a chair and pull up from the floor for example), the simplest method is to get a resistance band that matches your strength level/s as these are light and easy to pack in luggage. Then standing or seated rows (on the floor) are an easy option. Try one of these resistance bands:

  • Can’t do a body weight squat? Don’t give up, grab the hotel chair or use the bed and start by standing in front of it, feet about shoulder width apart, toes pointed lightly outward and just sit!  Then stand and repeat for the number of repetitions.  Do this daily and try to increase your reps each day.  You’ll soon be able to do this without a chair and may even find you can lower than you ever thought possible, just take it step by step.
  • Can’t do a push-up? Don’t give up, try building up in steps:
  • Start with a plank, practise holding until you can do a straight 20 seconds
  • Then try a straight arm plank. Practise until you can hold for 20 seconds.
  • Once you’ve mastered a straight arm plank, get into the straight arm plank position and practise lowering yourself to the floor in a controlled manner.
  • Once you can do that, practise pushing up and back to the straight arm plank position.
  • Before you know it you’ll be doing a push-up, but don’t stop there – keep pushing
  • Note: another way to do this is to lie on the floor, place your hands on the floor in the push up position and keep practising pushing yourself up until you can get to the straight arm position.

Here’s a simple 3 exercise routine you can do in a hotel room anywhere.  Hotel FITness in 3 Simple Exercises.

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