October 23, 2021

Discover Your Circadian Rhythm & Feel Better

Discover Your Circadian Rhythm & Feel Better - The Lean Exec

The Circadian rhythm is something that you may or may not have heard of.  It is your body’s internal clock and works over a 24 hour period, in synergy with the sun.  It’s what naturally dictates why you get hungry at lunch time and sleepy at night time (when the sun goes down, for example).  When you don’t eat at the times your body needs food or sleep well, the effects can be worrisome and affect your health. So, not sleeping when your body needs a good re-charge could potentially lead to long-term sleep problems, stomach ulcers and heartburn.  This is particularly apparent in those people who perform shift-work at night.  It is not unusual that many experience trouble adjusting their sleep and eat patterns and are more susceptible to those types of health problems.

Different Circadian Rhythms

There are different types of Circadian rhythm and these are called Chronotypes.  For example, there are “morning people”.  They are usually full of energy and ready to get up and go but then there are “evening people” who feel their energy levels peak when the sun starts to go down.  Even more interestingly, studies tell us that your internal rhythm is something that you are born with and therefore you should organise your lifestyle according to your own rhythm.

The Oura Ring

If you want to adjust your lifestyle to your Circadian rhythm but you’re not sure how to do so, there is a device called the Oura Ring which helps you to align yourself to your own Circadian rhythm.  It works a little like a smart watch (except you wear it on your finger) and it tracks your sleep, recovery and activity rhythm.  Oura then analyses your personal rhythm and those results help you to adjust your lifestyle accordingly so that you are perfectly aligned and the idea is that then, you can perform to the optimum.As a good example, adjusting your sleep pattern to your Circadian rhythm will help you to get the right amount that you need every night. Even just little adjustments will help you to get the most out of REM sleep and deep sleep, potentially preventing sleep disorders.The Oura Ring will tell you what your bedtime should be, when your body is ready to go to sleep and that in turn gives you a far better opportunity of having the best possible rest.  The device even goes as far as to help you to prepare for a good night’s sleep.Here’s a link to Oura Ring and some other products that may help: Oura RingSleep Trackers On Amazon >> More on Circadian Rhythm on Amazon >>

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