December 24, 2021
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10 Laws Of The Lean Exec

10 Laws Of The Lean Exec

10 Laws Of The Lean Exec

Walk It Off

If there is a reasonable option to walk, skip the cab and the bus.  You can also go for a walk in your lunch hour.  Brisk walking is low intensity activity where oxygen is readily available, therefore your bodies energy systems can dip into fat reserves, burning fat for energy.

Be Everyday Active

Avoid sitting in one place for more than 60 minutes. Get up and move around regularly during the day.

Walk Up The Escalator

The escalator is basically a practical stairmaster, use it wisely to burn some calories and get to a destination faster.

Exercise Intensely 3 – 6 hours per week

Our bodies are designed to be active. Aim for a minimum of 3 hours intense exercise a week and build from there.  Don’t be afraid to start small, it’s a journey, not a race.

Avoid Endless Cardio

Cardio is good for heart and lung health, but the majority of research shows it’s better to keep it shorter and more intense. Note a more intense level can burn more calories in a shorter time.

Fight The Resistance

Whether it’s body weight or weight loaded exercise. Resistance training is key for fat loss, fitness and health.  It also helps the body retain muscle, strengthen bones and is a natural way to boost testosterone (particularly important for men 40+).  All these things help defy the aging process!

Be Intense

Focused and intense training sessions are better for fat loss, strength gain and fitness improvement. Long drawn out sessions and over-training can have negative effects, particularly when coupled with a busy life and inappropriate recovery.

Don’t Be Dramatic

Erratic changes and sudden dieting are a sure-fire way to create a boom bust cycle with health and fitness. Change small things often and incrementally improve for long term results.

Switch It Up

Don’t suddenly drop food groups out of your diet (unless you have a known medical condition). First try switching out one type of food for a more healthy equivalent from the same group.  g. White Rice for Brown Basmati or even fried chips for oven chips.  Note, portion control is also key.  More on Macronutrients here

Plan For A Marathon Not A Sprint

When it comes to health and fitness, think of it as a marathon not a sprint.  Consider the overall journey through life and building over time rather than suddenly changing, dashing forward then having to stop suddenly due to an inability to continue. Follow us on Instagram

The Lean Exec

Designed for optimal, efficient results in minimal time.

A strong athletic physique, in just 3 hours a week!?  It’s part of the job for fitness professionals and actors to be in shape. However, what do you do if you spend your day at a desk, in long meetings, travelling and/or commuting daily? Then throw in a busy family and personal life. How do you find time to eat right and recover from a workout, let alone fit one in?

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